Who is Carl the Crusher?

Carl Crusher is exploring the mysteries of the unknown throughout the desert southwest of America and other regions of the world globally. Carl is collaborating with research teams from Skinwalker Ranch and beyond to other paranormal hot spots. Locations where stranger things occur such as high reports of UFO sightings, supernatural events, portals opening, sightings of unusual creatures, accounts of time travel, ancient aliens artifacts, ghost stories, and other paranormal activity. Many of these locations have a forbidden history and legends of lost gold, abandoned mines, and folklore including giants, aliens, little people, Bigfoot, and other unusual reports. There is a mystery that lies hidden between the ancient alien history of the past and the modern UFO swarms and sightings today. There is a connection between the paranormal, human consciousness, and these locations. Carl the Crusher and his research colleagues believe the proof is out there and may be hidden in plain sight.

Carl the Crusher is helping host the UFO Disclosure Symposium, formerly known as the UFO Mega Conference, now in Vernal, Utah; and has been actively hosting and interviewing some of the top scientists and researchers in the field.

Carl Vibe is a leading Podcast covering the UFO topic as well as unexplained mysteries, ancient myths, esoteric meditations, philosophy, paranormal research, and some of the deepest conversations going on today.

Carl has interviewed top level guests in the field of UFO research, Bigfoot studies, paranormal investigations, human consciousness, and other philosophical topics.



The Latest

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