What Lurks beneath Skinwalker Ranch?

What Lurks Beneath Skinwalker Ranch

I had the very unique opportunity to travel to the Uintah Basin along with researcher and author James Keenan. Chris Bartel, former security officer at Skinwalker Ranch with years of experience at and around Area-51, was also a key element to our expedition.

James Keenan has been heavily researching the mystery surrounding Skinwalker Ranch, and other hot spots in the Uintah Basin and greater region, for many years.

There are many similarities and connections occurring between Skinwalker Ranch, Blind Frog Ranch, the Uinta Basin, and the Uinta Mountains. From strange phenomena to precious metals, one hypothesis seems to point toward what is below ground, the highly connected underworld of Northeastern Utah.

Our research team spent an entire week exploring a broad theory that the underground network of caves, aqueducts, sink holes, dormant volcanic domes, oral traditions that span thousands of years, and ancient abandoned mines, that all could play a role in the strange phenomenon reported.
There are massive sink holes that form into giant whirlpools, swallowed up by cave systems that run from the top of the Uintah Basin to the bottom. It is worth noting that James Keenan has found this system to run right through the infamous “triangle formation” at Skinwalker Ranch.

The team is exploring everything from the underground network, to gravitational anomalies occurring on Skinwalker Ranch. We are also helping the team resolve truth vs fiction from the previous era of research on the ranch and its involvement in the local community. Chris Bartel’s experience in this field is helping the current team resolve much of that confusion as well.
Stay tuned as final episodes of Skinwalker Ranch conclude and the expanded research continues!



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