UFOs and Remote Viewing

UFOs are interconnected with research into Remote Viewing. In the early days of remote viewing research at the Stanford Research Institute, Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann were both involved in the origins of remote viewing programs and also UFO research. Ingo Swann was not only a prominent remote viewer, but he wrote books about his experiences being hired by secret organizations to remote view UFO and UAP objects. Hal Puthoff was at the core of remote viewing research and is still working at To The Stars Academy and involved in the UFO topic.

Hal Puthoff and Remote Viewer Ingo Swann

In a recent interview on the Carl Vibe Podcast, Dr Paul H Smith Major, US Army ret, — has a PhD in philosophy and was a leading pioneer Remote Viewer recruited into the military’s Star Gate Remote Viewing program since 1983. Working alongside Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and many other prominent psychic and remote viewing professionals. Paul is currently the longest standing remote viewing instructor of CRV — at Remote Viewing Instructional Services. Carl Vibe and Paul Smith discuss the methods, theories, and credibility of remote viewing and the implications it holds regarding the nature of reality and human consciousness. The concept of quantum entanglement, non local consciousness, and non linear time of reality. We will also discuss the phenomenon of the paranormal and UFO’s and remote viewing to discover the truth and its limitations.

During the interview Dr. Paul Smith recounts an experience where he was tasked to remote view an area on the Moon. During the remote viewing session he perceived a UFO craft similar to the Tic Tac UFO reported in the media. This UFO on the moon seemed to be conscious itself and aware the it was being remote viewed.

A similar report has been told by professional remote viewer Daz Smith, who has been tasked to remote view UFO incidents from the Roswell Crash to the Tic Tac, and many others including objects stored at Area-51 in Nevada. What actually is the Tic Tac UFO? Is it a Drone? Is it a UFO from the deep sea, or extraterrestrials from another planet? Professional Remote Viewing expert Daz Smith was recently double blind tasked to remote view the infamous Tic Tac UFO encounter with the USS Nimitz that has been confirmed by government officials and the pentagon as a real UFO. Carl the Crusher and Daz Smith dig into the incredible findings and the implications of what the Tic Tac UFO really is.



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