UFO Sightings at Skinwalker Ranch

Several of the most remarkable UFO sightings that have taken place around the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. The video is part of a series that delves into some of the most mysterious and unexplained phenomena associated with the ranch. Skinwalker Ranch is located in northeastern Utah and is known for its strange and often inexplicable occurrences. The ranch has been the site of countless UFO sightings, as well as reports of strange creatures, cattle mutilations, and other unexplained phenomena.

The ranch has been the subject of intense scientific study and investigation for many years, but many of its mysteries remain unsolved. In this video, we highlights ten of the most compelling UFO sightings that have taken place at the ranch. These sightings include a variety of strange and unusual phenomena, such as glowing orbs, strange craft, and even encounters with mysterious beings. In 1966 there was close to 100 witness accounts of a mysterious RED Laser in the Uintah Basin. Sometimes it was coming from the sky. Others saw it scanning horizontally from a color changing “UFO Machine”! Sometimes this red laser was described as a hovering rod that drifted across the meadow. Is this evidence of experimental directed energy testing as far back as the 1960’s around Skinwalker Ranch?

The location wouldn’t even get the Skinwalker nickname until after 1996! A full 35 years before Bob Bigelow claims he first heard about a place in Utah with paranormal activity and UFO sightings galore; a man named Joseph Junior Hicks was running all around the Uintah Basin gathering UFO witness reports. Junior had his own UFO encounter as a public school teacher, while outside monitoring his class of students. Everyone saw the object above the school, and it lead to a lifelong obsession for Mr. Hicks that would ultimately manifest into Skinwalker Ranch. . . but the plot holes and gaps in the story . . . and the people involved . . . are worth following along. Junior Hicks was known throughout the 1960’s for touring the many counties of Utah, focusing mostly on the Uintah Basin, and hosting town meetings to present information about the other witness reports in the region.

Meanwhile, Frank B. Salisbury was part of a group known as the “Playboy Panel” along with Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hynek. Frank and the others were likewise touring California speaking at conventions about the Kenneth Arnold incident among the many other UFO reports of the time. Frank Salisbury and Junior Hicks would eventually meet at a convention about the potential for Life on Mars hosted in Salt Lake City, UT – and would lead to the first publication of “The UTAH UFO Display” book.

It is important to not that Jacques Vallee and Frank Salisbury are good friends and know each other as prominent UFO researchers. Jacques Vallee must have known all about the surmounting number of UFO witness reports happening in Utah from his friend Frank Salisbury throughout the 1960s, and I find it interesting that in October, 1996 when Robert Bigelow decides to purchase Skinwalker Ranch – it was NOT called Skinwalker Ranch at all, and the entire team including Jacques Vallee, Robert Bigelow, Hal Puthoff, and Col. John Alexander ALL seem to act completely unaware of the hundreds of UFO reports in the 1960s and 70’s reported by Junior Hicks. Instead, in “Forbidden Science Volume 4” Jacques Vallee writes the discovery of the ranch in Utah as if it’s the first time he’s heard of anything going on there at all . . . strange.



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