The Paranormal Mystery and History of Mount Wilson Ranch

Archaeologist Housing – First Shaman Sighting

The paranormal mysteries at Mount Wilson Ranch began when the location was being scouted for Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” MX-Missile program. While the area was being researched as a potential spot for a missile, the team instead encountered a trove of ancient archaeological finds. Several locals have reported that the missile program was halted, and a research team from California was instead brought in to handle the findings and artifacts. It is said that truck loads of bones, artifacts, and items were removed from the mountain and surrounding areas – many say located in caves farther up the mountain or potentially even underground. The evidence of filled in lava vent tubes, and leaked information from former NIDS team members seem to say this is plausible. 

When the archaeology team was busy removing artifacts from the ranch, many paranormal events began to unfold. One archaeologist stepped outside the front door of the cabin and encountered the ghost of a Shaman Native American that disappeared in front of them. This initial sighting was only one of several to follow that include encounters and sightings with the caretaker of the property that lived there after, and even Bob Bigelow himself while sleeping in room 1 of the hotel across from the old Saloon. Bigelow claims he awoke during the night to the apparition standing over him next to the bed. Other guests have slept in the room and reported paranormal activity including wall knocks, banging on the ceiling, doors slamming shut, sinks turning on by themselves, sightings of shadow figures, and even sightings of orbs of light. Carl the Crusher has had several strange paranormal experiences, and captures infrasound results in this room during his documentary research of the Ranch. 

The caretaker of the property, Donna Bardeen, reported finding several artifacts on the property – as well as having encounters with extraterrestrial beings. One was a tall figure that was accompanied by two smaller entities. These beings, along with the Shaman ghost, seem to haunt the ranch and several of the locals including some prominent members of the community who have reported abductions and sightings in their own homes and backyards. 

Early 1990s photo of Mount Wilson Ranch Saloon

The old Saloon is a hot spot of paranormal activity. While it is actively being documented and researched by Carl Crusher, Museum of Tarot Brent Stone, and former Skinwalker Ranch security officer Chris Bartel, and Lehto Files Chris Lehto – the Saloon was also investigated and appeared on an episode of Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans. The Saloon, and attached grande fireplace hall, as well as the dining room; all have had frequent sightings and paranormal encounters. Several guests see shadow figures and full form apparitions that move across doorways and down the halls. Some appear in the reflections of the mirror behind the Saloon bar and then disappear. Visitors to the Ranch have seen glass cups float across the Saloon and smash into the mirror, then get up to run to see the damage only to find nothing really happened. Figures dressed in pioneer and mining era clothing are seen moving across the doorways, in the men’s bathroom, and a woman standing in the kitchen that vanishes. 

The old Settlers Cabin in the lower meadow near Craw Creek is one of the oldest buildings on the property and used to house the original settlers and miners who were waiting for the local stagecoach coming to and from Pioche. The adjacent bunk houses are interesting transplant buildings that were originally army barracks brought in later. People staying in these rooms report hearing the sounds of people talking outside as if they are waiting for the stagecoach, but then don’t see anyone there. They report smelling coffee brewing and the stink of bad cigarettes that suddenly fades and leaves. Many people get the feeling of psychic cobwebs that flow across their skin and through their bodies as if something is moving through them or often running up behind them. 

The recent research done by Carl Crusher is confirming a potent level of Schumann Resonance in the Theta Wave frequency – the exact Hz that promotes psychic abilities and telepathy as well as a powerful direct connection to the energy of the earth. This research is also being done in conjunction with the discovery of ancient Native American medicine wheels found nearby. These stacked stone circles exhibit a very interesting infrasound finding, as well as some incredible research being done in a nearby ancient pocket cave using EEG brainwave scanning and meditation techniques. 

Surprising New Evidence Found Searching for Lost UFO Portals at Mount Wilson Ranch

Mount Wilson Ranch was heavily studied for over a decade, in total secrecy, by the original NIDS team run by Bob Bigelow, Jacques Vallee, Hal Puthoff, and other prominent members of the UFO research, and the founders of Skinwalker Ranch. While the NIDS team members seem to downplay their activities at Mount Wilson Ranch, the constantly increasing amount of photographs, leaked information, and ongoing research is proving otherwise. There have even been animal mutilations discovered on the property that left a gruesome blood trail from the meadow to the driveway by the Saloon, similar to reports at Skinwalker Ranch! 

Could there be something buried beneath the abandoned mineshafts that dot the property? Is there something beneath the lava vent tubes that have been collapsed in on themselves? What is transmitting a signal from beneath the meadow in front of the Settlers Cabin?
The Mystery at Mount Wilson Ranch has only just begun.



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