Sky Gods and Megalithic Energy Beacons of the Electric Universe

Carl the Crusher has been exploring the mysteries of ancient petroglyphs and, while finding many undiscovered glyph panels and strange symbols, the TriField meter was showing that certain megalithic blocks carved with ancient symbols seem to give off Radio Signals and energy pulses over certain petroglyph carvings. The carvings look similar to others around the world and indicate not only migration patterns, solar and lunar alignments, but also are similar to legends of the sky gods – Anu and the Anunnaki ancient alien theories.

The petroglyphs were carved by the native indigenous people that came from many different cultures dating back over 8,000 years ago. The layers of patina and weathering upon the cliff walls, and megalithic blocks of stone, indicate thousands of years of time passing between one carving and the next. What is interesting is that the readings on the TriField Meter did not indicate any magnetic or electromagnetic charge, only RF signals. It is an interesting clue that echoes of Blind Frog Ranch and the energy zone that has been discovered there.

Blind Frog Ranch is near Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin, and has decades of historical evidence that ranges from high levels of UFO activity in the sky, Skinwalker and Bigfoot sightings on the ground, as well as vast amounts of paranormal occurrences in the community. It is the center of ancient Aztec and Native American history, and more recently even Spanish conquerors invading and introducing slavery to acquire the reported stashes of Montezuma’s lost gold. The land is said to be cursed, and regardless of being cursed or not it has been the focal point of government funded research into the surrounding phenomena for many decades.

As the mystery unfolds across the globe, you have to wonder if what Erich von Daniken has proposed might have a global connection, and leave behind evidence of contact with the Sky Gods in ancient times. There is a very informative theoretic film entitled Erich von Daniken Ancient Flying Machines of the Sky Gods Described in The Holy Hymns of Sumer.

Did these ancient cultures construct their holy sites and pyramids like energy beacons, or a type of macro earth circuit, in order to amplify and harness the earths electromagnetic fields? Did they have contact with other dimensions or alien races through their connection with this energy and the natural energy fields of the earth? The layout and construction of these locations all seem to indicate so. Michael Tellinger has done extensive research on this Energy Generating Grid theory. The Mystery continues!



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