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I’ve been doing on my channel a lot of inside investigation around the history of Skinwalker Ranch and a lot of the the unknown uh historical perspectives around that a lot of it started with the question of where does the name Skinwalker even come from who was the first person to actually use that where does it actually come out of and we did a whole video series about that where we talked about Brigham Young and the Mormons actually moving into Utah and depleting a lot of the resources in the area and then Chief Wakara and those the relationship between those guys turning into some of the oral Traditions that revolve around Chief Wakara becoming Chief Walker and the Skinwalker we have a lot of cool stuff that we can cover and get into but we did a lot in previous videos that you guys can go catch up on if you haven’t watched those yet about the mystery of Skinwalker Ranch.

What we’ve already just had season 4 episode 1 of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch actually show on the History Channel and it just aired earlier this week on Tuesday and so it was an awesome episode and we’re going to talk a little bit about a recap of that so get your questions ready while I talk a little shop talk here about your favorite moments and questions and insights from season four episode one and then we’re going to do a really deep critical conspiracy Deep dive into the Bigelow era of Skinwalker Ranch because we’ve already gone over a lot of the original uh stories and everything out of this book the Utah UFO display there was over 800 UFO witness accounts that were gathered by Witnesses up around the Vernal area tide that eventually led to a lot of the research going into Skinwalker and ranch and other things but while you guys are getting some of your questions ready I just wanted to make you guys aware of a few things first of all if you want an Insider’s track a lot of people that watch the show don’t actually realize that you can become an Insider to Skinwalker Ranch and go to the command center start answering questions in that so thanks so much for that. Mount Wilson Ranch we also have the website available and open on Mount Wilson Ranch so that you can actually go there make room reservations you can explore the whole Ranch request a reservation and either um reserve the upper rooms or lower rooms or even get a full guided tour where I will come with the owner of the ranch and take you to the shaman cave and take you to a lot of the places that we’re going to be talking about.

In this episode today when we go over this book which is the Utah UFO display which is a lot of accounts and stories from Junior Hicks and Frank Salisbury now Frank Salisbury really quick he was actually friends clear back in the 1960s with Jacques valet and a lot of other people as part of a group called The Playboy club that’s what they called themselves actually you know funny enough so here’s the photo of that in this book when you tell you a photo split you’ve got Frank Salisbury and other researchers including J Allen Hynek standing right there so there going to try to share this other screen here let’s see stop screen present share screen window tab share okay here we go now I’m in this folder here that I’ve got of original photos from Mount Wilson Ranch and this is the predecessor to Skinwalker Ranch and why I mentioned it during the intro and I’m also going to start at this point to glance over to the comments section of the live show though over 15 minutes in people have had time to join and start glancing over to pop-up questions and look for super location now I think I know personally what they were looking for I have some satellite scans of things that they thought were actually Underground some kind of a structure or craft of some kind that may have been actually hidden or move dimensionally back and forth at Mount Wilson Ranch.

You’ve got photos here of Hal Puthoff Jacques Vallee, Bob Bigelow, and others up here on part of this Upper Hill in the Foothills this is Mount Wilson right here in the background if you follow it up here to the right it would go all the way up to indication that when Bigelow was there and whoever owned the property before they did a lot of bringing things in and a lot of work was done here that we still don’t know exactly what they were doing so these this original Settler’s Cabin is original to the property there’s all kinds of poltergeists and paranormal stories of things levitating and crashing to the floor uh people seeing shadow figures there’s been an animal mutilation that’s happened right here out in the meadow that the new owners percent accurate during the Cold War maybe it helped them be more like 80 to 90 percent accurate if they went up to the ranch and they stayed there where there was these amplification zones so we’re still trying to figure out that connection but it could be a clue when you see these individuals were all working together this is the beginnings and the foundation of what moved up to Utah and became Skinwalker Ranch so then we have to ask who are these guys what are their credentials what were they doing what were they doing beforehand anonymous tip that occurred why is Jacques valet in this book already aware of all the UFO sightings clear back into the 1960s and when he worked 1976 with Frank Salisbury it shouldn’t have been any kind of surprise that there was hundreds of UFO sightings up around Vernal so it’s strange that he writes it that way in his book to make it come off like that I find that interesting so then it gets even more interesting here when we realize that there’s um other connections.

We’re going to jump back into this website here whereas the but if you go back you realize they were rubbing shoulders with a lot of interesting people that were connected with stuff now remember Hal put off came from the Stanford Research Institute and we have pictures of how put off working with Uri Geller on remote viewing psychic spy experiments at the Stanford Research Institute trying to use telepathy remote viewing Clairvoyance astral projection and all that stuff in order to levitate objects spy on the Russians locate missing persons and all kinds of stuff and you’ve also got uh Stargate program uh remote viewing psychic spy program for the Army uh hanging out working together uh Hal Puthoff with Alexander and we’re going to get even more into this here’s more this is Eric Davis on the flight let’s see so here’s a screenshot of this is Hal put off old school how put off uh brown shirt and tie doing experiments with Russell Targ, Uri Geller testing his psychic abilities an Israeli psychic who was raised in one of the early predecessors of the of what they call the Montauk Project.

Running experimental programs trying to see if they can use Consciousness or remote viewing to make contact uh utilizing non-lethal Energy Systems and their laser physics knowledge so we have to wander and ask that especially when you’ve got kit green going around today along with Gary Nolan talking about how um contact with UFOs can cause Havana syndrome or brain damage or it can affect the hippocampus and different things and that’s exactly what they were studying With Uri Geller back at the Stanford Research Institute gov Gateway this is the Gateway depart Gateway program analysis and assessment assessment of the Gateway process this was the fundamental system of understanding how physical reality Works according to the CIA according to the Army according to the US government um at this time you’ve got analysis of how human consciousness works and interfaces with the electromagnetic field of reality and how it basically creates a projection of a three-dimensional realm around or visual realm around us based off of the vibrations between.

I have utilized I’m going to give you a little peek I’ve utilized chat GPT and artificial intelligence and there are certain websites here where the internet doesn’t let you see what’s on the page but there is actual historical work buy Hal Puthoff that actually mentions that Hal Puthoff was involved in a program called project Chameleo and project Chameleo might even still be classified but it was involved in using non-lethal energy weapon systems and plasma forms to create cloaking devices they were getting funding to utilize see the type of research that they do here um trying to implant false ideas and experiences into people’s minds as part of that cloaking program or invisibility program that they may have been undertaking so it makes you wonder why would all these laser physicists and scientists out of Stanford go into the psychic spy program trying to do remote viewing and telepathy and then they all end up standing in the meadow at Skinwalker Ranch and then there’s security guards walking around there doing remote viewing experiments number 703-534-5866 founder Scott Jones these guys are funded by Lawrence Rockefeller what were they doing the Monroe Institute here’s the Stanford Research Institute here’s all the people involved all the people connected here’s Bob Bigelow right so there’s a lot of information in here you guys need to go through on your own and see how it connects but these guys are all connected through this group called the Aviary.

They all have a particular type of agenda going on and so you have to can they make him hear knocking on the walls or see an orb Float by what if they can make him see a werewolf fascinating to consider because you have to think that if all they were what they were doing before in the previous programs involved a lot of that were they actually capable of dropping all of that suddenly in 1996 moving to Utah and deciding they were not going to do any of those programs not going to do turn on a single laser not fire up a single non-lethal Energy System and they were actually going to just time and it’s a whole mixed bag and this left hand over here doing all this unethical stuff where they’re using directed energy weapons and beaming false experiences into people’s minds in order to make them see UFOs they don’t want that to come out that’s all going to stay in the sealed files well let’s say while they’re doing remote viewing and they’re trying to explore these other aspects of human consciousness suddenly telepathic contact is made or a UFO shows up or something does happen the experiment is others which I’m actually going to go to probably tomorrow afternoon and do some follow-up work at Mount Wilson Ranch so hopefully this was really fascinating. I appreciate you so much it’s been going for two hours so we’ll see you guys in the next one.

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