Skinwalker Ranch Portals and Pictographs

I recently was invited by Kaleb Bench and Brandon Fugal to travel north on an to explore the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch and its surroundings. Following a tip from a friend who manages a local art museum, I set off on a wild hunt for petroglyphs and pictographs. My search took me to a canyon north of Skinwalker Ranch, where I discovered a panel of ancient carvings and a tall red figure with a headdress, possibly depicting a shaman. The site featured multiple layers of symbols, some in white pigment and others carved into the rock.

I spent time connecting with the energy of the place, pondering its supernatural aspects, and considering its potential connection to the indigenous mapping system that could date back thousands of years. This system might link locations of significance and supernatural phenomena across the region. The team at Skinwalker Ranch has recently discovered petroglyphs using technology that revealed them from hundreds of years of weathering and fading, but they match.

Petroglyphs are carved into the rock and pictographs are usually painted onto the wall with ochre or some other pigment. The style of pictograph is considered the Fremont style and is associated with the Fremont Culture, which dates back 2,000 years ago. What is even more intriguing is how the red ochre figure is nearly the same as one over 400 miles away in southern Utah on the edge of Arizona. Depictions of a entity, a Shaman, the Star People, a Guardian of the spirit realm as he comes and goes through “portals” or doorways of another dimension. The same spirals, ripples, and circles with the same figure emerging into the forefront. 

Throughout this series, I will continue to explore haunted paranormal hotspots and uncover secrets of the past. Join me as we delve deeper into the unknown and seek answers to the many mysteries that surround us at Skinwalker Ranch and Beyond on Carl Crusher documentary series on YouTube.



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