Resonant Energy in the Impossible Canyon

Anthropomorphic figures with horns 30 ft up a cliff.

After traveling to several different ancient locations there has been some interesting similarities. The figures that look like they have horns, or head dresses, with triangular bodies and short legs, are in multiple locations. They are often with circular glyphs or spirals is if they are coming through a tunnel. These are hundreds of miles apart from the research area of Carl the Crusher in Southern Utah all the way to the Skinwalker regions of Blind Frog Ranch in the Uintah Basin.

All of these locations across the region have the same themes and figures. They also appear to have a resonant property where they all have strong echos. Even talking at a normal level you feel as though you are surrounded by multiple versions of yourself. One can only imagine what it must be like to sit in these locations at night next to a campfire and watch the stars. Especially with night vision cameras!

What is it about these strange locations where they all have a powerful echo and sense of vibration? Why do you always feel as if you are being watched? There is something mysterious about these ancient locations that seems connected across thousands of years of culture and ancient history.



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