REAL RITUAL Time Travel Portals and the Terrifying True Story of Magic Mesa

I’ve been researching this area for years and have recently been working with the team at Hidden World uncovered some never-before-seen footage that I believe sheds light on the true nature of this phenomenon.

The Magic Mesa is located in an indigenous ancient location where mystical portals seem to appear on the side of the Mesa. It’s full of ancient artifacts, including a ritual prayer circle, and there’s been a lot of strange paranormal activity reported there. In fact, there has even been a death in the valley down there, and in the police reports, the person who reported the death said that they thought it was because of a Skinwalker.

There have been reports of strange lights and orbs appearing in the valley. Sometimes they would even appear as figures at the base of the Mesa or shapes of lights on the hillside and also shadow figures that would depict either buffalo running or different creatures running across and shadow figures. The list of stories is so strange that I had to go and check this place out for myself.

During my first visit to the Magic Mesa, I took my night vision camera and other pieces of equipment, and the whole place blew my mind. Not only did I experience something that I thought was very real at the time, but it took me months to kind of figure out what it could be, and I still haven’t uncovered all of the answers.

Aside from all of the shocking strange paranormal lights that seem to appear on the Mesa, even deeper within the levels of the data, we’re finding details like faces, figures, and hands. Sometimes it almost looks like a supernatural soup of different faces.

As I delved deeper into this mysterious location, I encountered strange lights and orbs that seemed to appear out of nowhere, as well as shadow figures and shapes on the hillside that seemed to be almost supernatural in nature. Some of these figures were even the same as those found on nearby petroglyphs, and they appeared repeatedly, suggesting some kind of inter-dimensional connection.

The Magic Mesa is filled with strange geometric lights or shapes that almost look like a paranormal vapor appearing on the hillside. I’ve debunked some of it as vehicle headlights in the distance that seem to appear somehow in the strange geology of the mountain, causing this sort of holographic illusion that projects off the face of the mountain into different shapes. But that’s not all – I’ve actually uncovered some video analysis footage that has peeled back the layers of some of the hidden dimensions within the pixels of the video footage and some of the still frames at the Magic Mesa. It reveals something quite creepy, actually. There are faces, clear eyes, noses, mouths, hands, and some of these figures actually are the same as on the petroglyphs nearby.

In fact, the figures or entities seem to appear again and again. I believe it fits with the oral traditions and the ancient stories of the ritual that occurs in the valley and on the Mesa, where there are two ritual stone circles. If you do this thing right or wrong and go around the circles one way or another, with your intentions, it manifests inter-dimensional time travel portals or opens doorways to another dimension. Could the mystery at the Magic Mesa actually reveal a cracked open wormhole or portal that we still haven’t known everything about yet?

As I continued to investigate the location, I discovered two stone circles that were believed to be used for ritual prayer. It was said that if you walked around these circles with the right intention, it could manifest interdimensional time travel portals or open doorways to another dimension.

It is possible that these rituals themselves had some kind of real magic to them and created the phenomenon on the Mesa itself. There is also a strange phenomenon that seems to occur in the valley below, where the ancient ceremonial wheel is located. The wheel is a primitive time ritual that has been passed down through generations, and it’s believed that the rituals performed there may have had some kind of connection to the supernatural activity on the Mesa.

However, I must caution anyone interested in visiting this location that it is full of ancient artifacts, and it is important to show respect for the indigenous culture and the rituals that took place there. Any disrespect or disregard for the location and its artifacts could lead to negative consequences.

In conclusion, the Magic Mesa is a location full of mystery and intrigue, with unexplained phenomena that suggest an inter-dimensional connection between the paranormal, UFOs, and ancient history. It is a place where ancient rituals and artifacts intersect with modern-day technology, and it continues to fascinate and intrigue those who dare to explore it. But it’s important to approach this location with the utmost respect and caution, as there may be consequences for those who do not.

The petroglyphs are filled with ancient drawings that showed the sun rising in a gap in the rocks and creating a perfect circle of light. This event happens only once a year, during the summer solstice. It was incredible to see the connection between the petroglyphs, the sun, and the strange lights that appeared on the mesa.

Moreover, there was a ceremonial wheel in the valley that was used by ancient people for rituals. The wheel had a center where different rocks were placed in the cardinal directions – white in the north, black in the west, yellow in the south, and red in the east. I am continuing to make the connections that the rituals performed here had anything to do with the strange phenomena on the mesa.

I plan on going back to the magic mesa to gather more evidence and see if I can uncover the secrets that lie within. The mystery of the magic mesa is still unsolved, and I hope that my discoveries can shed some light on the unexplained phenomena in this area.



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