REAL Alien Bodies with EGGS just Revealed in Mexico

Recently the UFO Whistleblower hearing occurred and David Grusch mostly dropped a lot of “Trust me bro . .” type of evidence. He alleged that he received all of his information from legitimate inside sources, but objectively never provided anything to the public other than stories.

Speculation about Grusch being moved into the spotlight, and coached, by Lue Elizondo are common on #ufotwitter feeds. The connections between David Grusch; Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp, Hal Puthoff, Jacques Vallee, and other prominent figures seems to strangely circle around the same names that created a lot of documentaries and interviews about Skinwalker Ranch. It also directly implicated Mt Wilson Ranch in Nevada.

Bob Bigelow recently came forward in an interview with Jeremy Mishlove and admitted that he conducted research at Mt Wilson Ranch in Nevada alongside Skinwalker Ranch. He claimed he was only interested in UFO sightings that were at least the size of “Football stadiums” and “right in your face” or “on the ground” and “chasing you behind your vehicle” scenarios. Hundreds of close encounter UFO sightings of large scale craft prompted Bigelow to purchase Mt Wilson Ranch to investigate the hot spot.

Meanwhile, in Mexico they conducted a UFO whistleblower conference and literally unveiled two boxes that contained alleged Alien Bodies! One of the alien bodies even had three eggs inside the abdomen. The conference revealed information about the genetics, biological data, diet of the aliens, x-ray images, MRI scans, and even went on to compare human embryos to the alien egg embryos. The bodies are said to be from Peru and found in an archaeological dig 1,000 years old. They even compared the anatomical structure of the skulls, shoulders, and bodies to the ancient petroglyphs and pictographs throughout the world. The similarities are shocking.

If it is real it is the most incredible revelation of our time to know that we are not alone. The entities even had metal implants inside their chest that served some function as if they are androids or hybrids . . . if real at all. You can make up your own mind!



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