PROOF of Official NIDS research at Mount Wilson Ranch

I have finally been given permission to release some photographic evidence of Robert Bigelow, Jacques Vallee, Hal Puthoff, John Keel, Colonel Alexander, Colm Kelleher, Eric Davis, and Andrija Puharitch all conducting research at Mount Wilson Ranch in specific locations on the property. 

In the first photo you see many of the team standing on top of a point of interest near the base of Mount Wilson, one of them holding paperwork or maps with information. 

Next, you see the whole NIDS team standing in front of the motel where Bob Bigelow claims he encountered the ghost of a Shaman. Standing by him are Colonel Alexander, Hal Puthoff, Jacques Vallee, Colm Kelleher?, Eric Davis, and others. We decided to recreate the photo standing in the same location from left to right Carl Crusher, James Keenan, and Jeff MacBurnie the ranch owner. 

The next photo is of the archaeologist home as it stood when shortly after it was abandoned – the first location and sighting of the Shaman appearing to researchers and scientists on the property after they began removing artifacts from the land.

In the next photo you see Bob Bigelow and another researcher standing in front of the fireplace next to the Saloon at Mount Wilson. The photo after you can see myself sitting at the same fireplace with the exact same carpet still on the floor! Many of the decorations are still there.

The photo after in the Saloon is astonishing. It places John Keel, Jacques Vallee, and Andrija Puharitch all sitting at the counter of the Saloon at Mount Wilson at the same time. This is full photographic evidence of the TOP parapsychological UFO researchers and contracted Remote Viewers in the world all at Mount Wilson searching . . in the meadow . . and other specific locations at Mount Wilson Ranch. You can also see me standing at the same bar.

The last to photographs reveal the SAME bulldozer as seen on Secret of Skinwalker Ranch the History Channel television series. The same bulldozer you see stuck near the triangle formation at Skinwalker Ranch is shown parked at the base of the meadow at Mount Wilson Ranch in front of the Settlers Cabin and bunkhouses. Carl Crusher, Jeff MacBurnie, and Adam (a local) stand next to the same cabin recently. 



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