NASA’s MOST Studied Alien Abduction Victim | Chris Bledsoe

The END becomes the Beginning

Chris Bledsoe’s incredible journey started in 2007, a time of immense personal struggle and despair. After losing everything due to the aftermath of 9/11, Chris found himself at a crossroads, both physically and spiritually. It was on a fateful day, January 8th, that his life would change forever. While fishing with his son and friends, Chris witnessed three massive orbs of light hovering in front of him. These orbs emitted a fiery glow, captivating and intriguing Chris to the core.

What seemed like a frightening encounter soon turned into a transformative experience. One of the orbs approached Chris, taking him on a four-hour journey that defied all logic and comprehension. Upon his return, Chris discovered that several hours had passed, unbeknownst to him and his companions. This encounter marked the beginning of an ongoing relationship between Chris and the unknown.

From Skepticism to Validation

Chris’s experiences were not without skepticism and criticism. As he shared his encounters with the community, he faced ridicule and disbelief. But amidst the doubt, Chris found validation from unexpected sources. NASA took an interest in his case, acknowledging the unexplained nature of the phenomena he witnessed. They urged Chris to keep his experiences confidential and not engage with the UFO community, as they believed it could cloud his perception and dilute the authenticity of his encounters. Chris is now widely accepted as the most studied UFO abductee ever studied by NASA.

Chris’s journey eventually led him to connect with various government officials and academic experts who sought to understand the unexplainable. Working with renowned figures such as Colonel Alexander, Chris’s experiences gained credibility and attention. These encounters challenged not only Chris’s perception but also those of the scientific and academic communities.

A Personal Connection: Mind and Phenomena

As Chris continued to explore and document his encounters, he discovered a profound link between his state of mind and the phenomena itself. It became evident that the phenomena responded to collective energy and focused intent. When like-minded individuals gathered with an open mind and sincere curiosity, the phenomena would manifest and engage with them on a deeper level.

Chris’s experiences also demonstrated the fluidity of the phenomena’s appearance and behavior. Sometimes manifesting as balls of light or orbs, other times as metallic craft, the phenomena defied any singular definition. It seemed to have the ability to mimic and adapt to its surroundings, blurring the lines between physical and non-physical manifestations.

Chris often feels an internal urge to go outside, a thought comes to mind that something is going to happen at a particular time, then when he follows through he often witnesses these phenomena manifest into an encounter or visionary experience. These experiences have been captured on camera and witnessed by others, leading to the eventual appearance on the television series “Beyond Skinwalker Ranch” and others.

A Journey to Utah: Connection and Discovery

Throughout Chris’s experiences he often encounters a female entity, and the state of Utah emerged as a special place for Chris and his experiences. The state’s breathtaking landscapes and ancient landmarks, such as Butler Wash Canyon and Zion National Park, seemed to hold a mysterious connection to the phenomena. Chris’s encounters in Utah were particularly significant, including a remarkable experience involving a lady and a telepathic message that led him to believe he is meant to someday collaborate with Carl Andreasen (Carl Crusher) and explore the real world possibilities of an interaction filmed on camera.

The future holds exciting possibilities for Chris and Carl. They plan to collaborate further, conducting joint investigations and documenting their findings. With the support of the History Channel and a growing audience, they hope to shed light on the unexplained and challenge conventional understanding.


Chris Bledsoe’s journey into the unknown is a testament to the complexities and mysteries of our world. His encounters with otherworldly phenomena have challenged his perception and led him on a path of self-discovery and shared exploration. Through his collaboration with individuals like Carl, Chris continues to push boundaries and seek answers to the inexplicable. The future holds endless possibilities for further connection, understanding, and the unraveling of the enigmatic truths that lie beyond Skinwalker Ranch. You can watch another viral interview with Chris Bledsoe on the Danny Jones Konkrete Podcast Here:



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