Mystery at Mount Wilson Ranch Documentary Series

Over the last several month a growing research project at Mount Wilson Ranch has been unfolding. These expeditions have are being captured in my ongoing mini documentary series. I have also compiled these mini documentary YouTube videos in Full Length Documentary edits that are generally over 3 hours in length. While the research is ongoing, and the series is far from complete, there is enough parts to the full series now to binge watch everything from the beginning at Skinwalker Ranch all the way to Mount Wilson Ranch and today.

Mount Wilson Ranch Documentary 1

Mountain Wilson Ranch was previously owned by Bob Bigelow and heavily researched for paranormal activity. The property was bought at the same time as Skinwalker Ranch, and some of the stories associated with Skinwalker Ranch may have originated from this location. The property is located near Area 51, adding to its mysterious reputation.

During a tour of the property, the various buildings on the property are researched and discussed, including an old saloon and hotel. The history of the property and its connection to Skinwalker Ranch goes back decades. Overall, the property is revealed to be mysterious and connected to other well-known paranormal locations.

Full Documentary 2

UFO Portals at Mount Wilson Ranch FULL DOCUMENTARY Part 2 – Ancient Alien Contact and Paranormal Skinwalker Encounters investigated on site – Takes the crew deeper into the acreage of the ranch and explores many of the ancient artifacts that have been found there over the years by locals.

Full Documentary 3

In Documentary compilation Part 3 – Carl Crusher is joined by James Keenan and others to explore abandoned mines and artifacts, as well as uncover many of the secrets of the past regarding former NIDS research team ran by Bob Bigelow. The secrets, and mysterious energy, of Mount Wilson Ranch begins to reveal itself through a series of leaked information, interviews with the community, and digging into the historical accounts to discover what paranormal secrets can be uncovered.

Enjoy these full length documentaries of the Carl the Crusher research at Mount Wilson Ranch.



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