Mystery at Magic Mesa — Real Supernatural Evidence

Carl the Crusher — While following ancient petroglyphs depicting strange giant figures, strange unidentified shapes, portal glyphs and spirals, and many of the legends of Native American folklore; have lead me to a secret location where I have been given exclusive access to conduct research. The property owners nearby where I had been before informed me that their family had been experiencing strange paranormal phenomena on their land for over a decade! I was invited to the location, then returned at an unplanned and unexpected time to conduct the initial research.

The stories that the family told me about their sightings at this location included seeing large forms and shapes of light appearing out of thin air. Geometric shapes appearing on the hillside. Beings or entities seemingly made of light walking across the Mesa and on the ground below. Strange lights and UFOs in the sky, and even shadow figures and creatures crawling and running around, and sometimes directly toward them.

I will tell the full story and release the incredible 25 minutes of night vision that I captures on April 30 overnight in that special location. I saw everything the family described and even more, and captured the evidence on camera. All I can say is;

My sensitive equipment was detecting high energy readings, then what we caught on camera was the most paranormal extreme supernatural evidence I have ever caught on camera. Large glowing geometric shapes appearing suddenly on the Mesa, changing shapes, and even reacting to our laser pointers. The phenomenon continued throughout the night and even appeared to respond to our requests to form squares and triangles as if a in an attempt to communicate. At times myself, and two other witnesses, saw strange shadow figures and huge creatures that appeared to crawl out of these forms of light.

I witnessed, and captured on camera possibly for the first time in history, proof of the stories heard at locations like Skinwalker Ranch, and Blind Frog Ranch, to name only a few.

Further research is ongoing — and professional studies are ongoing.
I will be releasing the FULL video evidence, all 25 minutes of Night Vision footage, at the UFO Disclosure Symposium May 27–29 in Vernal, UT along with full media coverage and 4 other pieces of UFO footage being revealed.



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