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UFO Portals Mount Wilson Ranch

Before Skinwalker Ranch the original research team including Bob Bigelow, Jacques Vallee, Hal Puthoff of Stanford Research Institute (psychic remote viewing), and others were looking for UFOs, portals, and paranormal activity at Mount Wilson Ranch. Before that, the story gets even stranger!

I decided to check my spam folder on Instagram and saw a message that caught my eye! A girl named Jordyn was saying that her family owned a property in Nevada called Mount Wilson Ranch that was owned and investigated by Bob Bigelow BEFORE Skinwalker Ranch was purchased. I had no idea that this place even existed. I contacted Jordyn’s father Jeff, and soon we were talking on the phone. He informed me that Bob Bigelow himself was the previous owner of the ranch and that Jacques Vallee, Hal Puthoff, Eric Davis, and the original NIDS and BASS team were actually at Mount Wilson Ranch! He even had the proof to back it up and showed me sections of Vallee’s published journals that reveals fragments of the elusive story. 

Jeff tells me that every owner of the land, and the surrounding area, has encounters with the ghost of a Native American Shaman figure. He sneaks up behind people in the forest at night. He appears beside the bed in full ceremonial dress for some guests who sleep in room #1 of the motel. Bigelow even claims to have seen the Shaman standing in the room after staying the night there. A former caretaker of the ranch has reported alien encounters with a group of three extraterrestrial light beings – a tall figure accompanied by two smaller aliens. UFO sighting are common at Mount Wilson Ranch and the valley.

The mountain ranges of Area-51 are in clear eyeshot of the ranch. The stories of underground tunnel system and secret programs fill the conversations over coffee with the locals. The stories of UFOs and strange objects in the sky flow right alongside the accounts of abandoned ancient mines and caches from the time of the Aztec and the Spanish. 

I went to Mount Wilson Ranch. I stayed in room #1 and had one of the strangest nights sleep of my life. At one area of the ranch I even felt like someone ran up behind me to shove me in the back, only to turn around and see nothing there. Throughout the evening I felt as though I was falling out of my body or floating up toward the ceiling and continually woke up to feel as if someone was watching me, but never saw or recorded anything unusual. A local named Adam later told me he had a very similar experience the same night after having spent the day hiking around Mount Wilson and the abandoned mines that scatter the mountainside.

Carl the Crusher at Mount Wilson Ranch

I learned that Jacque Vallee and the original team had once been up in the canyons doing similar light, sound, and frequency experiments in a location on Mount Wilson. Similar to those done in the movie “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”. Bigelow told the current ranch owner, Jeff, that he believed there could be an “alien base” hidden within the mountain. An individual claiming to be a Rockefeller showed up at Mount Wilson and requested, along with his girlfriend, to be taken to see the portal. Other rumors in the area talk of relic alien ships buried underground, caves full of artifacts, and dimensional time anomalies.

We were told stories of caves full of gold, cliff sides with caves, and petroglyphs hidden around the area. We went exploring many of these places and found multiple abandoned mines and artifacts. There is so much to explore I have barely scratched the surface of this place. So far the team has recovered ancient pottery of all varieties, arrowhead flakes and intact arrow heads, obsidian spears, unusual geological Hot Rocks, and abandoned mine entrances.

I have several return visits already planned to go back, including an expedition with James Keenan to use ground penetrating radar and other equipment around this fascinating ranch. More to come soon!

written by: Carl Crusher



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