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Mount Wilson Ranch has been a main area of research for me, and that emphasis is starting to grow due to the surprising findings that are ongoing there. The historical connections between the MX Missile Project, MK-Ultra, Project Chameleo (A secret government cloaking and invisibility program tied to Skinwalker Ranch), and NIDS head by Bob Bigelow. The strange connections between the psychic spy programs from Stanford Research Institute, and remote viewing programs like Project Stargate, Looking Glass, Grill Flame, and others.

Many of these programs seem to be followed by a shady dark element involving advanced energy systems. Magnetic Resonance systems that can read the entire electromagnetic field of the earth and map out every persons brainwaves without them even knowing it. Television shows like the Netflix series “Stranger Things“, Amazon Prime “Outer Range“, and movies like “Inception” are not far from the truth of these programs that have existed since the 1950s at the advent of Project Paperclip. Documentaries such as Third Eye Spies touch on this phenomenon and several of the intriguing characters involved, but fail to cover the underlying web that connects all of these elements that reveal the TRUTH behind these horror shows in our science fiction entertainment.

In reality, they tease us with a fictional version that his terrifying close to REAL programs that were highly funded, and the fictional versions are general tame in comparison to the real stories. This mind bending history connects everyone from David Rockefeller, Howard Hughes, Bob Bigelow, Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Colm Kelleher, Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Andrija Puharitch, and even Ronald Reagan.

History Connects Skinwalker Ranch to Mount Wilson Ranch

A FULL 13 hour multi part Documentary Series by Carl Crusher and the Crusher Crew is investigating all of the levels of this conspiracy. Is it possible that these locations were used as amplification zones for Psychic Spy programs? Is there buried UFO craft or portals to another dimension at Skinwalker Ranch and Mount Wilson Ranch? Is there a gateway to another dimension that is transient and moves through the electromagnetic field of the earth? Or have these locations been used for darker purposes to test psychic Inception, implanting false experiences with directed energy weapons, using remote viewing to supplant hallucinations and paranormal encounters, and other experiments similar to Stranger Things and other mysteries.




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