Mind Blowing Skinwalker Ranch Ancient Stonehenge Revealed by Navajo Elders

Roger Cultee and Colleen Gorman are Navajo Elders and researchers explaining an ancient indigenous migration route that follows the Zia symbol, the Mayan calendar, and the Hawaiian system. This may changes the number of pi from 3.14 to a different number. This reveals a migration, or trade route, or hidden meaning that connects Skinwalker Ranch, Mount Wilson Ranch, and other significant sites around the world.

The Skinwalker legend is an ancient Navajo tale about a creature that can shape-shift into different animals, including a wolf or a coyote. The legend is often associated with paranormal activity and UFO sightings, which have been documented throughout history. Carl Crusher explores the possibility that the origins of the Skinwalker legend could be connected to the slave trade meetings in the past, where Navajo women and children were kidnapped and sold to the Mormons. Chief Wakara, who was named Chief Walker by Brigham Young, was associated with these trade meetings, and it is possible that he and his men wore animal skins to hide their identities.

In part two of the series, Carl Crusher invites Navajo elders Roger Cultee and Colleen Gorman onto the show to discuss the re-indigenizing minds project. This project seeks to restore the lost mysteries of ancient indigenous locations and reconnect with them. They discuss the ancient petroglyphs in the canyons and their connection to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. They also explore the origins of the Skinwalker legend and other Navajo legends that people don’t usually talk about.

The interview highlights the importance of reconnecting with the past and understanding the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures. The re-indigenizing minds project seeks to do just that by restoring the lost mysteries of ancient indigenous locations and reconnecting with them. This project is a reminder of the importance of preserving ancient cultures and their traditions, as they hold the key to understanding the true nature of our reality, consciousness, and the unexplained.

Full 2 Hour Carl Crusher Interview



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