MIND BLOWING Mystery of Mount Wilson Ranch

NIDS at Mount Wilson Ranch | Bob Bigelow, Hal Puthoff, Jacques Vallee, Colm Kelleher, etc

Mount Wilson Ranch is part of the original Wild West of Pioche, Nevada; just north of Area 51, and a hot spot of UFO and paranormal mystery. At one time it house gold miners and prospectors who established an original Settlement and even built the Settler’s Cabin in the lower meadow at Craw Creek. The property features one of the oldest standing Wild West Saloon and lodges in America.

When Ronald Reagan started the mysterious Star Wars program, Mount Wilson was looked at as a potential location for the MX Missile program, but initial surveys instead uncovered heaps of indigenous artifacts that changed the trajectory of the project. A team of archaeologists was reportedly brought into Mount Wilson Ranch along with army bunkhouses and other building in order to remove Native American artifacts from the site. Artifacts including pottery shards, tool making sites, flaking areas, arrowheads, spear tips, medicine wheels, petroglyphs and other ancient indigenous artifacts have been dated through ancient cultures potentially revealing a migration route dating back to Montezuma. Recent mapping systems using petroglyph sites, and known pyramid and mound sites, done by the Re-Indigenizing Minds Project, are validating Mount Wilson Ranch as a major hub with the potential for many other mysteries and lost artifacts still yet to be found. Ground penetrating radar and LiDar scan projects are promising, although fraught with equipment failures and anomalies.

When the early archaeologists began removing artifacts from Mount Wilson Ranch, one of them encountered the Ghost of a Shaman that appeared semi transparent as a paranormal apparition and disappeared. The Shaman then began to haunt the property until NIDs team lead by Robert Bigelow was brought in to investigate and research the property. There are rumors of involvement from Howard Hughes, the Rockefeller family, and others including members of the Aviary, Hal Puthoff, Jacques Vallee, Colm Kelleher, Andrija Puharich, John Keel, Tim Ryne, and other’s who had ties to Project Bluebook and eventually Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Several photographs directly confirm Mount Wilson Ranch as an active research location by the original Skinwalker Ranch research team. Several of which were involved in the psychic spy programs Project Stargate and Grill Flame out of Stanford Research Institute remote viewing and the Monroe Institute Gateway Program among others.

Bob Bigelow reported that he believed there is either an Alien Extraterrestrial base, or a giant triangular UFO, hidden literally or dimensionally underground at Mount Wilson Ranch. Bigelow also told current owner Jeff that he encountered the Ghost of the Shaman in the Upper Room near the Wild West Saloon during the night. Bigelow sold the property to Jeff, and now it has since been investigated privately by Carl Crusher, Museum of Tarot Brent Stone, Chris Lehto of Lehto Files, Chris Bartel from Skinwalker Ranch, and the Re-Indigenizing Minds Project with Native American Elder’s and researcher Roger Cultee and Colleen Gorman.

Current research is producing mind blowing results including spirit box voice recordings, amplified infrasound Schumann Resonance, video evidence of Ghost Orbs, and poltergeist activity including responsive wall knocks and full body apparition sightings.



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