Ghosts within the Quantum Realms

Recently, we obtained video evidence from the Saloon at Mount Wilson Ranch, Nevada (which is the predecessor to Skinwalker Ranch, Utah). The footage captured by security cameras shows an “Orb” that some people describe, but it could be a dust particle that appears unusual.

To analyze this footage, we use a specially developed software that reveals the “Quantum” spectrums of data that are usually hidden within the pixels and frame rate of videos. This software peels back and exposes otherwise unseen spectrums and dimensions of reality that are typically in our blindspots.

Similar to night vision, thermal imaging, ultrasound, and other devices that peer into unseen dimensions of reality, this “Quantum View” enables us to see a full spectrum of the electromagnetic field and reveal everything that seems to be hidden there.

This is just a small part of a much larger project that involves comparing multiple spectrums of scientific data while also including the advice of Native American research groups, including the Re-Indigenizing Minds Project that help us with everything we do, including how to approach this phenomenon.

Lattice Field Theory, Supermembranes, and Quantum Field Theory are all areas of research within theoretical physics that explore different aspects of fundamental physics.

Lattice Field Theory is a numerical approach to studying the behavior of particles that interact through a force, such as the strong force that binds protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of an atom. It involves breaking spacetime into a discrete grid, or lattice, and performing calculations on this grid to simulate the behavior of particles.

Supermembranes are hypothetical objects in string theory that are thought to be the fundamental building blocks of the universe. They are thought to exist in an 11-dimensional space and are believed to be able to vibrate in different ways, giving rise to different particles and forces in the universe.

Quantum Field Theory is the study of the behavior of particles at the quantum level. It describes the behavior of particles as they interact with one another through the exchange of other particles, such as photons or gluons. It is a mathematical framework that combines quantum mechanics and special relativity to describe the behavior of particles in a consistent way.

Quantum Fluids are a type of matter that exhibits quantum behavior, such as superfluidity, which is the ability to flow without any friction. They are typically composed of a large number of particles that are confined to a small space and interact with one another through quantum mechanical interactions.

These different areas of research are all connected in the study of fundamental physics, as they explore different aspects of the behavior of matter and energy at the most fundamental level. They are all part of the ongoing effort to develop a unified theory of physics that can explain all the phenomena observed in the universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest structures in the cosmos.

We are currently experimenting and exploring the possibility that Mystery Locations full of paranormal activity can reveal Quantum Hidden data, and possibly entities such as supernatural entities or non physical ghosts, time anomalies, gravity distortions, wormholes, portals, or other unseen alien entities that may exist or hide within these dimensions.

The Full Paranormal Investigation of Mount Wilson Ranch is available here:

Searching for UFO CRASH Debris Leads to STRANGE Paranormal Activity at Mount Wilson Ranch

And here: Mystery at Mount Wilson Ranch Ghost Encounters in the Wild West Saloon | Full Episode



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