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As Season 4 of the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch unfolds, I was invited a few weeks ago by Kaleb Bench (Security Guard at SWR) to look at several ancient artifacts in the region. For the last few years I have been exploring the petroglyphs, stone circles, and supernaturally potent locations by following the advice from several Native American elders. This has lead me to discover an entire interconnected system of travel, trade, and even communication using forms of mediation and remote viewing being practiced by the indigenous people for thousands of years.

The petroglyphs around Skinwalker Ranch exhibit incredible carvings that are the same, similar, and even in alignments across hundreds of miles; and they all depict incredible scenes. The typical story is that the petroglyphs and pictographs are just “primitive” people doing their own version of gang graffiti, but what I find is always consistently Shamanic and supernatural in nature. Even depictions of antelope are often mirrored or depicted in strange ways with human arms and hands standing upright — like the legends of shapeshifters and Skinwalkers. The artwork often looks like Aliens, or elaborately dressed Shaman who are reenacting the stories of the Star People and Ant People coming from the sky and out of the earth through spirals and circles in the mountains — and building civilizations out of the mud. 

On this expedition to Skinwalker Ranch I was able to discover several NEW sets of petroglyphs and Pictographs that also fit this mysterious story, and match the Fremont People, and Desert Archaic, Pueblo style art we find at Skinwalker Ranch and Beyond. We also discover stone circle medicine wheels, ritual stone circles that act as miniature Stonehenge for spiritual rituals. These stone circles are meant to interface the Shaman with the rotation of the Big Dipper around the North Star — and by moving around the circle, and singing in meditation, will open portals that transcend spacetime and open up contact and communication with these other entities and timelines. 

The end of my investigation took me into Skinwalker Ranch Headquarters where I was able to explore the areas around Homestead 2 and review the historical locations where many of the encounters with giant wolves and other supernatural events have occurred. It is also where the strange Blob, and orb anomaly appears above the Stone Spiral on top of the mesa as seen on the History Channel TV show.

I’m also excited to announce my research at Mt Wilson Ranch in Nevada — and It’s connections to Skinwalker Ranch Historically — are being featured on a NEW History Channel Show called “Beyond Skinwalker Ranch”. I am joined by Andrew Bustamante (former CIA operative and owner of Every Day Spies), and Paul Beban (Award winning war journalist) at Mount Wilson Ranch to search for whatever Bob Bigelow, Jacques Vallee, and the original Skinwalker Ranch team were looking for there. The experiences captured during the filming were completely unplanned and remarkable, and I am excited that this show is available on HistoryTv!

Carl Crusher



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