Dinosaur National Monument Petroglyphs

Carl Crusher — Chris Bartel — James Keenan
Carl Crusher — James Keenan — Chris Bartel
James Keenan - Carl Crusher - Chris Bartel

James Keenan is an accomplished author, publishing several books to help introduce audiences to the actual oral traditions of the southwest and its mysterious ancient past. James worked as a police officer where he encountered unexplainable phenomena, and has become a well respected and experienced researcher in the field since. James carries with him scientific equipment like ground penetrating radar scanners, geological scanners, deep penetrating metal detectors, radiation sensor, EMF detectors, and more knowledge than a person should possess about the ancient history and oral traditions.

One of the premiere locations we visited, among others featured on my YouTube Channel, was Dinosaur National Monument. Along the darkened cliff walls is displayed some of the most phenomenal petroglyphs I have ever seen. Figures of anthropomorphic beings surrounded by what appear to be supernatural events. Symbols of portals, carvings of Ant People, Giants, and some that are a complete mystery.



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