Digging Up GIANT BONES with John Casey

I recently conducted an interview with John Casey, an expert in the field of paranormal research and treasure hunting. John has extensive hands-on experience, having worked with the History Channel and explored various ancient indigenous locations. In this interview, John reveals his incredible encounters with the paranormal, including his discovery of a real giant skeleton and his experiences with possible extraterrestrial entities.

Unveiling the Mystery of the Giant Skeleton

During our conversation, John shared his firsthand experience of coming across the bones of a real giant. This ancient giant body was buried in a hillside on the corner of a mesa. John had the opportunity to handle one of the femur bones and study the skeleton. The story surrounding this discovery is truly mind-blowing and sheds light on other paranormal encounters that John has had throughout his career.

Lost Gold and Hidden Treasures

Aside from his encounters with giants and extraterrestrial entities, John Casey is also known for his pursuit of lost treasures. One of his most notable projects involved the search for Yamashita’s lost gold, a massive treasure rumored to be hidden in the mountains of the Philippines. John’s extensive experience in treasure hunting and his involvement in various projects have led him down a path of discovery, challenging his understanding of history and his purpose in life.

The Enigma of Ancient Giants

John’s discoveries and encounters with giants have raised many questions about their existence and their place in history. The legends and folklore surrounding giants, both in the United States and other parts of the world, suggest the possibility of a hidden civilization or supernatural beings that have coexisted with us. The stories shared by indigenous people and their continued belief in the presence of giants add to the intrigue and mystery surrounding these ancient beings.

John’s experiences with giant bones and ancient artifacts have challenged mainstream beliefs and opened doors to new possibilities. The concealment and disappearance of these significant discoveries point to a larger effort to keep such information hidden from the public. It raises questions about the motives behind the suppression of these findings and the control mechanisms in place to shape our understanding of history.

John has also encountered stone tablets that reveal a different perspective on historical events. These tablets, dating back thousands of years, provide a first-person account of Jesus Christ’s life and challenge the narratives presented in traditional religious texts. The phonetic accuracy and uniform text on these tablets make them a compelling source of alternative historical information. However, sharing this information requires careful consideration, as it may disrupt deeply ingrained beliefs and challenge established systems of control.


The connection between the paranormal, UFOs, and ancient history is a fascinating area of research that could uncover secrets that could change world history if they could come forward. John Casey’s experiences and discoveries shed light on the hidden truths and mysteries that lie beneath the surface. As we continue to explore these connections, it is important to approach them with an open mind and a willingness to challenge established narratives. By embracing new technologies and collaborative efforts, we can uncover the secrets of our past and pave the way for a future built on knowledge and understanding.



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