The Jellyfish UFO Phenomenon

The Jellyfish UFO Phenomenon: Balloons or Extraterrestrial Encounter? As we dissect the footage released by Jeremy Corbell, one can’t help but question the nature of this peculiar object. Filmed in 2018 over Iraq using a military targeting system, the jellyfish UFO allegedly displayed behaviors that left the military puzzled. Changing temperatures, submersible maneuvers in water, […]

REAL Alien Bodies with EGGS just Revealed in Mexico

Recently the UFO Whistleblower hearing occurred and David Grusch mostly dropped a lot of “Trust me bro . .” type of evidence. He alleged that he received all of his information from legitimate inside sources, but objectively never provided anything to the public other than stories. Speculation about Grusch being moved into the spotlight, and […]

Exploring Beyond Skinwalker Ranch | Carl Andreasen

As Season 4 of the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch unfolds, I was invited a few weeks ago by Kaleb Bench (Security Guard at SWR) to look at several ancient artifacts in the region. For the last few years I have been exploring the petroglyphs, stone circles, and supernaturally potent locations by following the advice from […]

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch— Behind the Scenes Documentary Series — Carl Crusher

As a paranormal investigator, and researcher of UFO’s, Skinwalker encounters, and the unexplained, I’ve had the opportunity to journey into the heart of some of the most notorious, mysterious sites in the world. Today, my compass pointed towards Skinwalker Ranch. This infamous location is historically loaded with mysteries and unexplained phenomena, including UFOs, paranormal activities, […]

Skinwalker Ranch Portals and Pictographs

I recently was invited by Kaleb Bench and Brandon Fugal to travel north on an to explore the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch and its surroundings. Following a tip from a friend who manages a local art museum, I set off on a wild hunt for petroglyphs and pictographs. My search took me to a canyon north […]

Skinwalker Ranch Secret Conspiracies Revealed

The Following is the Full Transcript from the LIVE | Skinwalker Ranch Secret Conspiracy Theories Revealed | Carl Crusher YouTube show. You can search specific names, topics, and interests by typing Command or Cntrl F and then searching for keywords. I’ve been doing on my channel a lot of inside investigation around the history of […]

Top 5 MIND BLOWING Skinwalker Ranch Secrets

Skinwalker Ranch is a paranormal and UFO hot spot located in the Uintah Basin, Utah. There have been several seasons of “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on the History Channel, Season 4 of the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch has just started, which investigates the strange phenomena occurring on the ranch. I have decided, based on […]