Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Behind the Scenes

Skinwalker’s Evil Twin | Behind the Scenes Beyond Skinwalker Ranch | ep 2

On our second day at Mount Wilson Ranch, the urgency was in the air. We had a narrow two day window to uncover potential underground anomalies—possibly even a buried UFO—before the heavy equipment would show up to begin the dig. This wasn’t just another day of exploration; it was a critical moment in our mission to investigate high-strangeness hotspots beyond the borders of Skinwalker Ranch and triangulate the underground signal found in Nevada.

Our team, including myself Carl Andreasen (Crusher), ex-CIA agent Andy Bustamante and investigative journalist Paul Beban, was focused and ready. We weren’t just searching for unexplained phenomena; we were deploying the expertise and technology to document these occurrences meticulously. The stakes were high, and the clock was ticking. The day began early, with a bike ride up the hill to our first meeting at 7:15 AM. Armed with my phone, I aimed to capture as much behind-the-scenes footage as possible without disrupting the main filming for the History Channel. My goal was to provide an authentic glimpse into our journey Beyond Skinwalker Ranch.

At the Saloon, the production team’s extensive setup was a sight to behold. Their truckload of sophisticated research equipment underscored the serious nature of our investigation. Compared to their extensive gear, my equipment seemed minimal, but our collaboration ended up proving valuable as I was able to capture footage to validate certain incidents that will be hard to explain.

Our agenda for the day was packed. We planned to fly drones, conduct historical recaps, and delve into Dr. Tim Rynne’s patents related to the phased array potentially buried under the lower meadow. The clear skies provided an ideal setting for our tasks. Even OD, the ranch dog, seemed excited, her energy adding to the team’s enthusiasm. One of the biggest challenges was the marshy terrain where we planned to dig. This area had a reputation for trapping Robert Bigelow’s heavy equipment, but we were undeterred. The potential discoveries beneath the surface kept us motivated.

As the team worked, I took a moment to explore the Settler’s Cabin. The cabin’s weathered shingles and metal corrugation spoke of a bygone era. Carved initials and other historical markings offered a tangible connection to the past. However, my exploration took a mysterious turn when moments later the screen door to my room, which was latched shut, suddenly swung open. I heard footsteps and the latch being lifted, but no one was there—a common occurrence at night, but happening in broad daylight, adding to the site’s eerie atmosphere that persisted the entire time.

Back at the main site, the technical team set up a directional antenna system to scan the radio spectrum for anomalies. This sophisticated equipment was crucial for detecting any unusual signals emanating from the meadow. Meanwhile, the drone captured essential aerial footage over the tunnel area. The team wanted my first reaction on camera when we finally broke ground, so I observed from a distance, to say I was excited is an understatement. This project has been two years in the making.

We began picking up bizarre signals on the antenna. The lines on the screen suggested an artificial source, validating our efforts. Even the compass started acting strangely, adding another layer of mystery to our investigation. What could be causing these anomalies? Were we on the brink of uncovering something extraordinary?

The blend of hard work, scientific exploration, and unexplained phenomena made the day both challenging and thrilling. We weren’t just searching for physical artifacts; we were probing deeper connections between ancient history, paranormal activity, and modern consciousness.

Our journey at Skinwalker’s Evil Twin in Nevada is just beginning. Each discovery and unexplained event brings us closer to unraveling the site’s mysteries. This is more than an exploration; it’s a quest to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. What secrets does Mount Wilson Ranch hold? Could these phenomena rewrite our understanding of history and reality?

Stay tuned as we continue our work Beyond Skinwalker Ranch. Join me, Carl the Crusher, as we dive deeper into the universe’s secrets. The adventure continues, and we invite you to follow along as we uncover the hidden truths of our world. What will we discover next? The answers lie just beneath the surface.



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