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As a paranormal investigator, and researcher of UFO’s, Skinwalker encounters, and the unexplained, I’ve had the opportunity to journey into the heart of some of the most notorious, mysterious sites in the world. Today, my compass pointed towards Skinwalker Ranch. This infamous location is historically loaded with mysteries and unexplained phenomena, including UFOs, paranormal activities, and ancient artifacts. As I journeyed to the gate of the ranch, an intense day of discovery unfolded before me.

Beyond Skinwalker — History Channel — 

A NEW series called Beyond Skinwalker has just been announced by History Channel, and is rumored to feature other locations such as Mount Wilson Ranch that are related to the phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch directly. This new series should expand the field of research from the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch full episodes, into a understanding of the broader connection the UFO and other paranormal phenomena could be tied to. Could these locations be connected through the electromagnetic field in some strange way? Could these places have phenomena such as wormholes, portals, or gateways to other dimensions and connect to one another in an way only ancient people understood? All of these possibilities could be explored in this newly announced series “Beyond Skinwalker” on History Channel.

I have been working behind the scenes with Brandon Fugal, Chris Bartel, Kaleb Bench, and others to explore these locations and phenomena as I travel throughout the desert southwest of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Idaho specifically. 

I had decided to begin my exploration by immersing myself in the local art scene, purchasing one-of-a-kind handmade pieces from Randy’s shop, a local craftsman whose work echoes the unique spirit of the region. My day’s journey took me to the stunning landscapes around Skinwalker Ranch, a place where ancient history, consciousness, and unexplained phenomena converge. I was there to dig into the ties between paranormal UFO sightings and ancient myths — connections woven into the fabric of reality. But first, I needed to get some supplies and secure the necessary permissions for my explorations.

As the sun rose, I began the day by exploring the region around Bottle Hollow. I had planned to seek a permit from the local reservation office for walking around and investigating the area. However, a cautionary note to all adventurers — it is critical to respect the confidentiality agreements, and discretion is vital when dealing with sensitive areas, including Skinwalker Ranch. The area is bursting with ancient artifacts, rock art, and petroglyphs. 

My journey took me to Bottle Hollow, a place fraught with accounts of daytime UFO sightings and other unexplained phenomena. Intriguingly, it’s also close to Skinwalker Ranch and a location for a fascinating monument — a medicine wheel dedicated to war veterans of the Ute tribe. The monument, while serving as a tribute to war heroes, possesses an incredible level of detail. Exploring the monument further, it occurred to me how these ancient symbols could be key to aligning ourselves with cosmic rotation and cycles. They might serve as conduits for spiritual connection, drawing entities or spirits from other dimensions who are capable of time travel. This form of meditation, a blend of remote viewing, Buddhist meditation, and protocols of the Monroe Institute, is akin to what others like Stephen Greer have practiced.

However, the reservation office warned me against filming or taking photographs in the area. It’s crucial to remember to respect local laws and traditions when exploring such sacred spaces. Instead, I decided to focus my investigations from a permissible vantage point — the war memorial spot with the large medicine wheel. From this location, we could look out across the mesmerizing expanse of Bottle Hollow.

Along with the spiritual element of my exploration, I integrated modern technology into my investigations. My kit included items such as an EMF radiation shielded hat and the Halo Pulse. I believe in merging the two with a wholistic approach and being willing to try many various forms of research, rather than classifying aspects as valid or invalid based on personal prejudices. When you start classifying forms of research as pseudoscience in an effort to invalidate it, we have to pause and wonder if we are willing to do the same with every indigenous culture and their ritual practices that often parallel these “pseudoscientific” approaches. I choose to embrace the paradox and stay curious to explore all options, while simultaneously keeping a level head and realistic feet on the ground. 

While I explored the area around Skinwalker Ranch I am reminded of the level of security there, but if any of the security guys from Skinwalker Ranch come out, I have no cause for concern because I’m well-acquainted with them. I’ve built a rapport with the locals and professionals in the area, which is a crucial part of my methodology. Mutual respect and trust allow me access to places and insights that others might not be privy to.

The region has a rich indigenous history, with spiritual sites such as Stone Circle medicine wheels and other sacred artifacts scattered across the landscape. It’s a place where the paranormal meets the historical, the metaphysical intertwines with the physical, and the boundaries between dimensions seem to blur.

I have seen evidence of inexplicable phenomena here, such as the warping and lensing anomalies captured by drones flown above the ranch. There’s also the mysterious occurrences on and around the Mesa and Skinwalker Ridge, including the presence of strange Stone altars and monuments. I’ve even heard accounts of unusual sightings under the waters of Bottle Hollow. All these contribute to the unique aura of Skinwalker Ranch, making it a fascinating subject for my research.

However, my investigations are not purely observational. I also incorporate elements of spiritual and meditative practices, like using the Stanford Research Institute’s remote viewing protocol combined with the Monroe Institute Gateway experience and Buddhist meditation techniques. As a sort of techno-shaman, I believe in protecting myself both spiritually and physically when navigating these mysterious territories.

So, this is my world — one where the natural meets the supernatural, where the seen and unseen coexist. And I invite you to join me in exploring these fascinating intersections of reality at Skinwalker Ranch. But remember, no matter how thrilling the chase, respect for the places we tread and the mysteries they hold is paramount. We are, after all, stepping into a world beyond our own, and we should tread lightly.

My name is Carl Andreasen, “Carl Crusher,” and I welcome you to share in my exploration of the paranormal, the historical, and everything in between. Let’s journey together into the enigma that is Skinwalker Ranch. Remember, the unknown awaits, and the journey is just as important as the destination.

Carl Andreasen — aka Carl Crusher 



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