Ancient Ritual Site Discovered at Mount Wilson Ranch

After 4 days of UFO watching and paranormal investigations we were able to discover a hand placed stone circle and a nearby square one similarly! Leading up the mountain toward Mount Wilson’s peak was also scattered flaking and evidence of past indigenous people.

The ground was also covered in an ash layer in some valleys that flowed directly down Craw Creek toward the Settlers Cabin, evidence of a volcanic eruption at some point leaving ash on the ground you can still pick up like baby powder off the ground.

Further up the hill from the stone circles, at the base of a large limestone cliff face, hides a cave with very peculiar features. The ceiling is covered in soot. The floor is covered in nearly fresh looking charcoal. The strangest feature is that it resonates entirely as if the ground underneath is hollow. An indication of a much larger void or cave system underneath the main entrance.

There is evidence of lava vent tubes being explored by other mystery groups that left behind rusted tools and filled in holes. They all seem to lead to something very significant underneath the ranch itself

A recent expedition with Museum of Tarot and Lehto Files along with Chris Bartel of Skinwalker Ranch – has produced incredible results soon to be released!



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