Meet Carl the Crusher

Carl Andreasen is a father of three and full time researcher and explorer of the mysteries of reality. Born in a small town in Southeast Idaho, he grew up adventuring in the wild near the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, and the high deserts of Utah. Carl grew up with strange life experiences as a child, and parents who were open minded to the possibilities. This led him on many camping trips into known locations of UFO sightings, Bigfoot reports, and locations of high strangeness as a growing interest.
After getting a degree in Social Work, Carl pursued his true passion in film-making and photography and he quickly became a successful online content creator and documentary filmmaker with an audience of over 3.2 million followers.  Carl has worked extensively with the team at Skinwalker Ranch and the owner Brandon Fugal – leading to an appearance on the History Channel series “Beyond Skinwalker Ranch” Season 1 Episode 2 at Mt Wilson Ranch. 

Carl has been a key research figure in rediscovering Mount Wilson Ranch in Nevada and it’s connection to Skinwalker Ranch. He personally utilizes research in quantum entanglement, human consciousness, various meditation methods and “Contact Protocol” – as well as working directly with Native American Indigenous teachers – to explore ancient locations known for paranormal phenomena and UFOs. 

Mysteries Explored

Places I've Been

Throughout the Regions of the Southwest
Mt Wilson Ranch
The Mystery at Magic Mesa
Skinwalker Ranch

The Crusher Crew

Carl is the single father of three sons Gage, Luke, and Kyle! Gage loves the outdoors, and currently works at a bank and enjoys a large group of friends in his Dungeons and Dragons group! Luke is fascinated with the mysteries of the unexplained similar to his father. He currently works at a restaurant after graduating early from high school at age 16, and has ambitions to work for himself independently in real estate and other online ventures. Kyle is playing sports and going to school, and in his free time he enjoys building custom RC Cars and racing them with his father!